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Wall Hanging Evil Eye Nazar Boncuk Mal De Ojo, Modern Boho Style Home Decor -- Silver/Blue/White -- Quick Ship!

Wall Hanging Evil Eye Nazar Boncuk Mal De Ojo, Modern Boho Style Home Decor -- Silver/Blue/White -- Quick Ship!

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You are viewing "Evil Eye Wall Hanging For Home Decor | Glass Evil Eye Wall Hanging | Boho Wall Hanging Decor | Nazar Boncuk Mal De Ojo | Blue Evil Eye Charm"

Introducing our stunning wall hanging evil eye for home decor, a perfect addition to add an enchanting touch to your living space. This exquisite glass Evil Eye wall hanging effortlessly combines boho-inspired design with ancient elements of protection and good luck.

Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, our wall hanging evil eye features a mesmerizing blue evil eye charm. The vibrant blue hue symbolizes spiritual protection and wards off negative energy, bringing harmony and positivity to your surroundings.

This wall hanging evil eye is a versatile piece that can be easily displayed on any wall or incorporated into your existing decor. Its timeless design and captivating style make it suitable for a variety of interior styles, such as bohemian, eclectic, or modern.

The intricate glasswork and delicate patterns make this wall hanging evil eye a true work of art. Each piece is skillfully crafted by talented artisans who specialize in creating unique and meaningful home decorations. The Nazar Boncuk Mal de Ojo design originated in ancient cultures and continues to be a widely recognized symbol of protection against evil forces.

Not only does this wall hanging evil eye serve as a beautiful decorative piece, but it also carries a deeper significance. It is believed to safeguard your home, family, and loved ones from the "evil eye" - a malevolent gaze that is said to bring misfortune and negative energy.

Whether you hang it in your living room, bedroom, or entryway, our wall hanging evil eye will instantly transform your space into a serene oasis of positive energy. It also makes a thoughtful and unique gift for housewarmings, weddings, or any special occasion.

Embrace the ancient charm and spiritual significance of the Evil eye with our Glass wall hanging evil eye, and let its protective aura bring you peace, harmony, and good fortune. Add a touch of boho-inspired style to your home decor and invite positivity into your life by bringing this enchanting piece home today!

This is the perfect gift. Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, etc.

Evil Eye -- 3.5 inches Diameter
Overall Length of Item -- 10 inches

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